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H4 Travel during Visa Transfer or during the New Petition is under Initial review

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I recently moved from Company A to Company B, and my H1B transfer is still in progress. I have the receipt number but it is not approved yet. And during this time Company B has been acquired by Company C and the final deal closure would happen by January end. I am planing to bring my spouse from India who already has a valid H4 from Company A. She is planning to come by Feb 1st week.
So would there be any issues at the Port of Entry? and what all documents she needs to carry during her travel as my new petition is still under initial review.
Please help me

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There could be issues.

What did Company C's immigration lawyer tell you?

He/she is a 'key' person to talk to as he/she will be providing your wife with the needed documents.

Whatever you do, don't waste time talking to non-attorneys in HR.

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There could be issues at the port of entry. You would be best advised to discuss the matter with your employer's immigration attorney. This attorney should have all the relevant information to address your questions and can also provide you with the necessary supporting documentation.

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You should call your employer's attorney to discuss your spouse's H4 situation and entry into the US. The employer's attorney knows all of the facts pertaining to your case and is in the best position to advise you. Good luck!

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You seem to be a valuable addition to the American company with your professional talents of prospective contribution since it kindly sponsored you, therefore, ask the employer to kindly direct you to its attentive and considerate immigration visa counsel who will dispel your confusion momentarily.

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