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H1B visa holder marrying a naturalized US citizen. If I marry in my country instead of US, can I reenter on H1B visa afterwards?

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I am a H1B visa holder engaged to a Naturalized US Citizen. I am currently in the US on a work assignment.
I've been advised by my friends here that I should get married here before going back to my country and getting married with ceremony over there.
How would things be different if I get married here vs. my country?
If I don''t get married here now and go back to my country to get married, will I have a problem in re-entering US on my H1B visa?

I have both B1/B2 and H1B visa. Last year I was working on H1B here before i left and this time round when I arrived in US I'm on a B1/B2 Visa. Can I get married here if I made the entry on a Business Visa? Am due to leave US in the last week of April

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Congratulations. Get married where you wish. As long as you are employed in the U.S., which keeps your H-1B valid, you can use the visa to enter the U.S. and your marriage to a U.S. citizen will not pose any issues. H-1B does not have the "nonimmigrant intent" feature that most other visas do. So get married where you wish and best of luck.