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H1B transfer premium processing : Status is showing as acceptance over one week.

Houston, TX |

I am transfering H1B visa to new employer. This transfer is done as premium processing.
I received my receipt number on 25-Sep and now its over one week but the status is still showing as Acceptance. Whereas, I as per my understanding Acceptance status should not be displayed for more than 2 days.. as application is accepted with 2 days.. Please advice I am worried.

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The online status system is rarely accurate.

You have 15 days for a decision. Talk to the lawyer that filed the papers.

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I assume you meant 10/25 instead of Sept as you are claiming it's only been a week. I fail to understand the nature of your worry. Your company paid premium processing so it should be processed within 2 weeks. If it's only been one week, what is it that you are worried about? Your statement about the 2 days of acceptance status is simply incorrect, no idea where you got that from. The online system cannot be relied upon and it's merely informational and often innacurate. USCIS will issue something before the 15th day because they want to earn the premium processing fees.