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H1B to L2

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1) How can i speed up L2/EAD processing time? ( In one of the forums,i saw that if L1 Holder puts

up a premium processing for an extension, it speeds up L2 processing also, Please validate this.
Also if this is true ,does it speed up EAD as well.

2) The main question is, Whether L2 Holder can work with out EAD. There is so much of confusion in

this space. I spoke to a lawyer, he said technically i can work, but again it depends on the

Comfort level Of HR dept. Also on the social security website, it clearly mentions that L2 is good

enough to take up employment.

Thanks for your support on this

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Yes, paying for premium processing of an L-1 extension will normally speed processing of a SIMULTANEOUSLY-FILED L-2. extension.

But the EAD is a separate filing, and it will do nothing to speed up this application - there really is no way to speed up an EAD other than perhaps the USCIS expedite procedure, and meeting the criteria is difficult (and can actually delay the case if they pull the case to make a determination and determine.that it doesn't meet the criteria). There's a link below to the expedite criteria.

.There is really no way for the Employer to I-9 you, or you to legally work, without an EAD card in-hand. Arguably, there might be a risk acceptance issue if the approval is already issued and the card on its way. The L-2 alone will never be enough.


No it will not speed up the EAD. Without the EAD she cannot work.

Good Luck
Shah Peerally
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