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H1B stamping RFE

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Hello AlI,
I applied for H1B last year 2013 and when it was in process I had an emergency and I had to travel back to India and later my petition was approved, I went for H1B stamping in India on Oct 2013 and got an RFE, My wife got an opportunity in USA and I accompanied her after consulting attorney as he says I can travel on my existing H4, at present I am in USA. Now is it possible to change my status to H1B for which I got RFE during stamping. or do I have any options to get my H1B. when I check my status in USCIS website it says my status is on "Post Decision Activity.
Thank You

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Why don't you ask that attorney to now lead you out of this predicament?

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Ravi- if you are now in the US, your employer can file another H1 for you and ask for a I-94 as a transfer case. It should go through. Once it is approved you can have the employer withdraw the previous petition.

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You should take the RFE to you our employer's attorney and discussed the option of filing a change of status in United States based on the previously approved H1B or possibly refiling for H1B at this time.

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