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H1 withdrawn before the approval or denial. Do i have to tell my new employer about it now?

Chicago, IL |

Pls help.
I was in a company in india, i came to US and filed H1B thru another employer. But even before the final approval/denial came, my employer withdrew the application for some reason.. So officially i never got my H1 status. I came on F2 and im currently on F2 only.
Now my company from india wants to keep me in US and they want to do my L1B.
Do i have to tell them about my previous H1 application, which was anyways withdrawn without any change in my current visa status ?
I don't want to tell me employer about this. Am I liable to tell them ?

Pls help.

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Best Answer

You don't have to tell your employer and it should have no bearing on your L petition.

Khaja Din


The issue does not concern an L visa petition if you were never granted H-1B status.


I agree with my colleagues.

Please see

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