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H1 to H4 and now trying to get back to H1. Can I work on receipt notice?

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I am currently on H4 and I have an employer ready to file for my H1. I was on an H1 before I went to H4 for about 2 years and so I do not fall under the quota. My employer told me that I can start working on an H1B receipt but I strongly feel that I can not and that I would have to wait for the approval based on H4 to H1 portability. Can I actually start working on receipt without an approval? If I do that, what happens if my H1 petition gets denied? Do I fall under the same visa I was before I applied for my H1?

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No. You cannot work without your H-1B petition having been approved. You could have only done that had you now still been in H-1B status and were changing employers, which is not the case in your situation.

If your H-1B petition gets ultimately denied, then yes, you will fall back under H-4 status, as long as it will stil be valid on its own merits (i.e. your spouse will still be in valid H-1B status and your H-4 is still valid.)

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You are right. You can't work until USCIS approves your H1B.

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Don't get legal advice from your husband, unless he is licensed as an attorney in the US.

Talk to your company's immigration lawyer ... I am sure that he/she will say that the receipt alone is not sufficient for you to start working.

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my husband did not advice on working without the receipt...the attorney's office did. They realized their mistake and filed it under premium processing. Thanks for your advice!

F. J. Capriotti III

F. J. Capriotti III


Sorry, my mistake ... I meant don't talk to your employer.