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Gun rights after the Georgia first offender act?

Atlanta, GA |

I know you can't own a gun if being a convicted felon or while on the first offenders act, but what about after?

I was on it and that so far aside from a stop sign violation has been my only violation of the law. I've been off probation for awhile and have been watching the news and terrified that they're going to destroy the second amendment so I want to get my hunting rifle before it may become impossible to do so.
The discharge letter was sent to the judge to seal my record, I got a copy of the letter. I'm just waiting for the confirmation letter to come back.

I've looked this up myself and everyone and everything says I can buy a gun since my sentence was "differed" and I wasn't convicted. But I just want to make sure so I don't get in any trouble unknowingly.

Yeah I'm looking at the background check thing and it says disposition FOA "Deffered" so I'm pretty sure that's NOT convicted right?

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Once you completed the first offender sentence, your rights should have been restored. I would contact your probation officer and ask him/her if you were successfully discharged from probation to be sure (meaning that you were not revoked). If you need help to do this, give me a call and I can offer a free consultation. (678) 310-7333.

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