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Guardians disregarded instructions for my son to have PT and OT after serious spinal surgery

Everett, WA |

my son had cervical vertebrae and discs pressing on his spinal cord with symptoms of rt side weakness, became incontinent, could not walk. he had 17 pins placed in his cervical vertebrae, but loss of functioning continued after surgery and no out patient PT and OT was done but had been ordered. His progress has been very poor due to his already existing orthopedic problems and mental retardation

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It would be wise for you to collect your son's medical records and any information available about his guardians and seek the opinion of a personal injury attorney in your area. These are not simple cases and can be very time consuming and expensive to work up. An important question is whether the guardians have adequate insurance and/or assets to make the pursuit of damages on your son's behalf worthwhile. An attorney can help you answer these questions and I would encourage you to seek counsel.


It is hard to tell from limited facts, but seems to me to warrant a consultation with a personal injury or medical malpractice lawyer. There are many firms, mine included, that offer a free consultation and I would encourage you to take advantage of that option. Best wishes and good luck.


Luckily the lawyer in your state above has offered to discuss this with you in detail. Good luck.


The offer for a free consultation has been extended. If you are concerned, follow up.

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