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Guardian ad litem denied

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Im in a nasty divorce. I need a guardian ad litem & requested it & judge denied it untul final hearing. How can that be? Husband has 17 contempts of court & judge denied them until final hearinh. Husband stole all moneys & fordged my signature & judge denied everything i put in untol final hearing. I have no lawyer because he took all the money. Community legal aid said to request a final hearing but i need my children. He has temp custody. He filed false police report which was dropped due to no info. Found. He lied. He lied on financial avidavit & hid money from it. He took me off health ins. & i have a bad heart & havent gottwn my meds for 6 months. Took my son to hospital because he refuses to give me ins. Card. Couldnt get him his antibiotics because of it too. I have no clue what to

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It was denied because you most likely failed to show cause. Divorce litigation is not something you want to do pro-se when it is a divorce with major war such as your case. He will be prepared for trial and you will not and he will get everything he wants.
You need to hire an attorney, regardless if you can't afford one then borrow money for a friend.

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You desperately need to hire an attorney to assist you, as you are probably not presenting the issues properly to the judge, which is why you are being denied at every turn. Borrow the money, sell something, do whatever you need to in order to retain an experienced attorney because once the final hearing occurs, the judge's ruling will be very difficult to change, even if it is an erroneous ruling because the judge didn't properly have all of the necessary evidence. You need to obtain experienced and competent legal representation.

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