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Grocery warehouse buys property next to it 5.6 acres was a concrete business. Is new acres grandfather in?

Coeur D Alene, ID |

All property was light industrial, abuts residential on two sides, and now works 24 hrs a day. the old concrete business was told to leave as it didn't fit light industrial because of the trucks & doing business outdoors. Grocery warehouse is a hub that receives trucks, unloads them, than reloads new trucks for deliveries. used to work 7am to 3:30 pm now all property's work 24 hours a day week-ends & holidays.

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This is a local ordinance issue. Go to your city offices and talk to the zoning commission. They should be able to provide all explanations.


I agree with Ms. Smith. First try to work with the City. If that doe snot work, hire counsel to help you identify and enforce your rights. Do not delay as the passage of time will negatively affect your rights.


As recommended above you should discuss this with your local planning/development department. If you do not get a satisfactory response there consider hiring a local land-use attorney to review the situation for compliance with local zoning code, and determine if there is a claim that can be brought to enforce any rights you may have.


I recommend that you speak to a local Idaho attorney who has experience with land use and zoning issues. Under certain limited circumstances a non-conforming use can be " grandfathered" in but the pre-existing use cannot be enlarged. The ordinances should define "light industrial". It is possible that the city changed the zoning designation or granted a variance to the grocery warehouse. The city website should provide a link to the local ordinances as well as a zoning map.

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