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Green Card Through Sponsorship

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I know there are many different ways to get a Green Card, the most common and faster is through marriage. Is there any way someone can be your Sponsor so you can get a Green Card ( I do not mean through a company work visa or something ) ? Like is there a way someone who is wealthy and want to help you to be your Sponsor? What would he/she have to do? Thank you.

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There is not really any way to sponsor someone other than through family connection. The visa categories and preferences are geared toward family relationships. Employers can sponsor people who meet certain qualifications and can pass a labor market test... An individual can help sometimes by offering to sponsor temporary expenses if a person comes here to visit. This is a good question. Many people assume that they can help someone come here, and the truth is that they really cannot do that.

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No. You have to have either a qualifying employment or qualifying relative.

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If the person is truly wealthy, the person can give you $750,000. With that money, you can find one of the groups through whom you can invest $500,000 or more. The rest of the money is for your processing fees and living expenses. With the investment, you can eventually obtain legal permanent residency for you, your spouse, and unmarried children under 21.

On another hand, many very wealthy persons do not want to be US citizens or legal permanent residents because their world-wide incomes are subject to US income taxes.

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No, there is no such possibility. Immigration is through close family relationships, employment based visa petitions, investment, or political asylum.

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