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Green card holder permanent resident, what is the process of getting a work permit

Carnation, WA |

I am 25 years old and have been living in the us for the past 18 years. My dad applied for a green card for me in april of 2001 he was a permanent resident know a citizen. I am recently a single mom with a 1 1/2 year old son to support. How long do I have to wait to get a work permit or what can I do to speed up the process. I also graduated college with a lpn degree and I am doing my rn now. I was not able to sit for my lpn boards because of my legal status and now I really need to work to support my son what can I do?

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I would be less concerned about the waiting time and more concerned about your current status. Even if your father filed an immigrant visa petition for you if you have been unlawfully present in the U.S. for 18 years the 10 year bar will apply to you. If the visa petition is approved you will have to go to your home country to apply for the visa and will be barred from returning for 10 years. In cases like these you will need to apply for a waiver of the bar. In any event, this is a complicated case and you should seek legal counsel. Best of luck.

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