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Green card holder is just hold for an immigration law, and can he get the bond amount?

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My boyfriend just arrested for trafficking marijuana and he is in jail now. Once I pay the bail bond to county jail, they will hold him for 48 hrs, then immigration will come to county jail to pick him up. I know his charge is really serious and I already hired criminal defense attorney. I would like to know that if he will go to immigration detention, is there any possibility he can get the bail bond amount? He did not convicted for his crime yet, and the court has not been started yet too. Also, he is a green card holder. Until his crime will be convicted, can he stay outside of immigration detention center? Also, if he cannot get the bail amount, I will buy a immigration lawyer too, but if I hire the immgration lawyer, can he get the bail bond? Please let me know ASAP. Thank you.

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Yes he may get an immigration bond. An immigration lawyer can request a bond redetermination if he is not given one. The ultimate disposition from Immigration will depend on the outcome of the criminal case.


Removal proceedings is exceptionally complex administrative process, which requires good knowledge, understanding and command of the one of the most complex parts of the interplay between INA, Federal Regulations, and Administrative and Judicial precedents. Self-representing in such a forum is unwise at least and often outright reckless.

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Cindy Medina

Cindy Medina


I agree with attorney Segal. Deport cases are very complex especially when you add the criminal aspect to it. please retain an experienced immigration attorney well versed in deportation proceedings.


All drug related convictions require mandatory detention by ICE. He will not get released on bond. Make sure to immediately hire him the best immigration money can buy before he is deported. A lawyer could stop tat by possibly finding relief.

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Even though he did not convicted yet? The case can be dropped or reduced. After the court, I understand he could be deported from US but before the court, how they can deport him without any conviction?


I agree with my colleagues.

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You need to get as much documentation as possible (police reports, court filings, etc) regarding this arrest and any other criminal history you boyfriend may have and talk to an immigration attorney about not only posting bond, but defending him against removal.

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