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Green card holder 1 month ago,not ready to give up my job abroad,what to do for not getting banned entry or losing my greencard

Waite, ME |

I got my GC through the DV lottery but I'm not yet ready to give up my job outside US as I have a good job at the moment and making some savings before leaving to US and both came at same time.I need help securing my greencard, my passport is stamped with a working visa abroad, I'm aware this might be always questioned shall I come back to US.any tips in here?Is there any lawyer experienced in rescuing green card abandonment cases/court?

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I've dealt abandonment matters in the past and they are factually driven. There are many ways to continue working abroad and maintaining your residence (and correspondingly your LPR status). Time abroad is obviously an issue and the length of time abroad will drive the equation. There is no guarantee that any of the protections you put in place will preserve your status but most of the time the prudent and forward thinking green card holder does not get put into abandonment proceedings.

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