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Green card

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my marriage green card application has been pending for over a year now. uscis just sent me a letter telling me i should come to the office with tax return transcripts for the past two years. the problem is the guy who did my last tax return did not update my filing status to married because i forgot to tell him. the tax return is getting amended but the changes wont reflect on the irs transcript soon enough because the uscis appointment is one week from now. what can i do here ?

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This is severe and if unamended inspection of your tax returns by USCIS will lead them to believe yours is a sham marriage, entered into just to procure a green card to the foreign national. Run to have your tax returns amended by any accountant or CPA.

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You should strongly consider having an attorney accompany you to the interview and assist you with compiling evidence. At the least, you should bring proof that the tax filing was being amended before you got this interview notice letter, but I am not sure that will be enough at this point.


Bring proof that you are amending your tax return. See if you can get a letter from your tax preparer explaining the error.