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Green card: Question on Birth Certificate for I-485

Salt Lake City, UT |

Hi, I have my son's birth certificate from India. It has his name correctly, however his last name (Fathers first name) has been mentioned as an initial. In India, we have a practice to use the first char of father's name as an initial to the child.

ex: (one sample)
First/Middle name: John Britto
Last name: Joseph

Birth certificate has: J. John Britto

Will this be a problem while filing I-485? Should I do a Affidavit for the name in Birth certificate. If yes, can my wife and myself do a Affidavit and get it notarized. Please let me know your thoughts

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When we have issues like this, we always attach a cover page to explain why it is different than what USCIS normally sees. We have done this with "Living records" from India and there was no problem.


Hi, only generalized Immigration advice can be given on this forum for individual advice on your case I would suggest consulting with an Immigration Attorney. Generally I would advise that you always put the truth down on immigration forms and if the truth should require any explanation then I would include an addendum.

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