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Grandparents have court ordered visitation, undermining parenting, refuse to follow rules, doesn't respect our beliefs, rule, et

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Since they got courtordered visits they have: told the kids "don't tell your parents", if you don't next time we will go/do/get..., won't follow the doctors diet and medicine regimen, and more. The most recent is behind our back, the parents, the grandparents will be buying the kids a cell phone each! They didn't ask nothing. Even if you hate someone (they hate us) have respect to ask or talk about it. We as parents are trying so hard to promote a relationship between them, & now it is ridiculous. We cannot promote lying, don't tell your parents, and it is just our secret. A lie is a lie. If they cannot tell their parents then they must be doing something wrong, to want to hide. They are not encouraging our relationship with our kids. It feels like she is trying to alienate us from our kid

S. We are firm believers in God, and some of this they are doing is heartbreaking. Clearly by how they are acting they are harming my kids. Promote lying, which is against God, our rules, and when out in the world will affect their job, relationship, etc. Then not following the doctors diet is just neglect. We told them of the diet way before the first visit. Also their medicine. My kids come home with headaches and tummy aches due to not following what the doctor says, and our diet. Then they want to buy children that are not even teens a cell phone each, without permission, talking it over with us, or even asking. Zero respect. Can I file a motion myself to terminate the visitation because of all of this? Also they REFUSE to change dates when it is on my birth date, and the kids. Shouldn't they be with their parents instead of them? Father and I married agree no visits, due to harm.

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I am sorry to hear about your situation. My suggestion would be to contact a family attorney in your area who can give you the best possible advice.

Good luck.

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