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Got speeding ticket 89mph in 65 mph zone in NY State - Chatham city on hwy I 90 ( Berkshire spur).

Chatham, NY |

While driving back to canada, I got speeding ticket 89mph in 65 mph zone in NY State - Chatham city on hwy I 90 ( Berkshire spur). I requested to the officer to show my speed in his redar. He rudely replied "I am not showing u anything". He was so rude and loud through out which in fact scared my kids. In supporting desposion document it says in item#7 charge base on officer's : direct observation. In item#8 it says speed verified by radar. There is no fine set in the ticket . I am not sure if I plea guilty or not. If I plea guilty, what would be the charges? I am a Canadian citizen so it would affect my insurance and point, right?

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Contact a NY layer upstate about representing you, do not plead guilty without counsel assisting you. Also, speak with your insurance broker in Canada about the effect of a NY speeding violation on your Canadian insurance rates and points.

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Hire a lawyer in Chatham. Do a Google search.

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The Officers rarely show you the radar reading. You are facing six points, a fine of around $300 and an additional driver assessment fee if $300. Generally, I am able to help you avoid getting all or most of the points as well as the driver asessment fee. Call for a free consuktatin in te morning 718-793-1900 Law Office of Terri Kalker


Your are facing $780 in fines and surcharges because it is a 6 point speed, plus your Canadian insurance will go up. Also, the fact that they gave you a supporting deposition road side is meaningless. It may be ineffective. Our office routinely goes to Chatham, you will not have to come back to NY to go to court or our office, plus we give a money back guarantee. 914-777-2990.


I have handled thousands of traffic-cases and they take the same amount of time and effort as most misdemeanors. You are less likely to win a traffic case unless there is a prosecutor to plea bargain with. You need an attorney and the lawyers here at Avvo will offer a free consultation. We are not allowed to solicit clients.. Choose an !0.0 superb rated lawyer from this site and you will have a better chance to get it reduced or to win the trial. This is a serious speed as it carries a one year suspension and very high fines.