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Got sold a fake warranty by used car dealer. Need to know who to sue and where.

Las Vegas, NV |

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I bought a car from atlanta luxury motors located in Roswell, Georgia. At the same time the dealer also sold me a 4 years warranty for $3700 from ASU warranty. I live and drive the car in Kentucky.
When I needed my car fixed ASU warranty people don't respond at all. And I called the dealer a number of times and they only keep delaying me. I also want to get the warranty canceled and get paid for what I got fixed in the car.
Who do I need to sue and where(preffrebly in small claims court)? Also can someone recommend me a good lawyer who will help getting things started by writing a intent to sue letter for me.

I looked up ASU warranty on Nevada Secretary of State website. They had first filed for business license on 12/31/2011 and the license changed to default status on 12/31/2012. I bought the car in October 2012.

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If the license is in default then you have good reason to worry about every getting anything out of the warranty company. Your best hope may be to go against the dealer but since you bought it in GA you need a GA attorney's help. The best car sales fraud lawyer in Georgia (I think anyway) is Mike Flinn, west of Atlanta. If anyone can help you, he can. You can find his contact info at Call his office and set up a phone or in office conference to find out for sure what your rights are and how to use small claims court to get what you want. Given the distance, he may be able to handle it for you instead. If this answer was helpful, please give it a vote up review. And be sure to mark the answer that you think is the best so we can all be sure we are doing a good job. Thanks for asking and good luck.

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