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Got my licsense suspended for unpaid fine I paid infull then got caught driving under suspension twice all stemming from that

Pittsburgh, PA |

So I got caught driving under suspension twice all because of the unpaid fine is there any way to get it back I'm currently serving a 2 year suspension can I shorten it to a year anything

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Attorney answers 2


You should have your entire driving record reviewed by an attorney who has expertise in the area of license restoration. The attorney may be able to file an appeal to open the Two suspension cases and attempt to have one or both of them changed to a non suspension case. A lot of work is involved but it is possible to get it done.


A suspended license is not valid until you have received a valid license form PennDOT. Sounds like you took care of the financial obligations that caused the suspension but failed to pay the restoration fee and wait for your valid license. Mr. Keller is correct in advising you to bring your full driving record (you can get it from PennDot website or license centers) to a qualified attorney. You might also be able to get an OLL (Occupational Limited License) that enable you to travel by vehicle to work or school. God luck.