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Got my 2 year green card after 22 months of being married to a USC

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Just got a temporary green card, I have been married for 22 months now, I thought after marriage for a certain time they issue the 10 year one instead? do I need wait 2 years again before applying for the permanent one ? and how about the citizenship does it count 3 years from the day of marriage ?

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To get a 10-year green card, you would need to already be married 2 years at the time you got your green card. So you missed it by two months, and yes, you need to wait two years to get the permanent green card. The three years for citizenship is from the time you got your permanent residence, that is, from now. Not from the time you got married.



Thank you,now I understand. but its really sad isn't it ? my friend is applying for the 10 year card now ( as our timeline is almost the same) and I need to wait 2 years for that! and become a citizen 2 years after her!

Laurence Drew Borten

Laurence Drew Borten


It doesn't affect the time to citizenship. You can apply 3 years from when you got your first green card (the 2-year one).


You thought wrong. You need to be married for 24 months at least, on the day of the decision to become an LPR, otherwise, like in your case, you are a Conditional Resident and need to petition to remove conditions 90 days prior to the third anniversary of the CR card.

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If your marriage is less than 24 months old, you are issued conditional residency (the 2 year card). Two years from the date of issuance on that card, you must petition to have the conditions on your residency removed. You must file the I-751 petition within 90 days prior to the expiration/2 years after issuance; so, Yes, you are right in that you need to wait 2 years to apply for the permanent one.

As for citizenship, it counts the number of years that you have been a lawful permanent resident, including the years of conditional residency, so in your case start counting now. 3 years total are required if you are married to a USC, or 5 years for any other basis for residency or in the event of a divorce.

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