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Got Criminal Traffic Ticket on 12.24.2012 on Hwy I10. Need help to reduce the penalties to the lowest! Looking for an attorney.

Maricopa, AZ |

Got the criminal ticket with speeding issue. I drove 99mph when limits was 75mph.
About the ticket:
Be cited as 28-701.02A3;
Location: Highway I10 - county Maricopa;
Speed Measurement Device: LASER;
Equipment Number: 88201
About myself,
An Intl student drive with California Driver License, never got any tickets or bad records.
1. What should I do and say to avoid the criminal record in my history?
2. If I plead guilty, there will be a criminal record for sure, but if I plead not guilty, what should I say then? Or is there any other ways that can help me out from this criminal charges?
3. If hiring an attorney to represent me in the court, what's the cost it will be? And I will not have to appear in the court then?

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Here are the realistic options/possibilities:

1. Conviction of this Class 3 misdemeanor, fine of $300-500
2. Conviction of a civil speeding ticket, fine of $300-500
3. Dismissal of the case upon your successful completion of a Defensive Driving program (online)

Unless you have a long and serious criminal history, or many, many traffic tickets, you will not get jail. #1 is the worst-case scenario, and you can improve upon that. An attorney should be able to help improve upon that -- I regularly do, and I would work hard to get you the option of having the case dismissed after defensive driving school.

You should hire an attorney to help you through this process, take care of as much of this as possible without you having to come back to Arizona (assuming you live out of state), and get this resolved with the least amount of hassle to you, and the lowest penalty.

-- Michael Kielsky
Counselor & Attorney at Law
Kielsky Rike PLLC
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You absolutely need and should have counsel represent you. A prosecutor will typically take advantage of or not provide the same I'll come to an unrepresented defendant. You are facing a class 3 misdemeanor which carries a maximum of 30 days in jail $500 fine plus surcharge and one year probation. Once you retain an attorney he or she will appear on your behalf. You will not need to appear in court for most if not all of the proceedings.


Legal representation will help you navigate this process more easily and with less stress. I also agree that you improve your chances of obtaining a favorable outcome if you have legal representation.