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Got caught smoking marijuana on school grounds

Grand Rapids, MI |

im 18 years old live right next to elementary school decided to smoke a couple bowls and drive over there smoke 2 or 3 bowls get finished cop pulls into parking lot nothing we can do besides sit there. My first time getting caught for anything. says on citation use of marijuana. What am i looking at fines probation or possibly jail time?

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Jail is possible but highly unlikely. You may qualify for deferred sentencing under 7411 which will not only keep the matter off your public record but will prevent the mandatory drivers license suspension. You are looking at either probation plus fines and costs or just fine and costs depending on how that particular jurisdiction handles first time marijuana possession cases. Consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney in your area that handles drug cases and marijuana possession cases for a more thorough review of your case, options, and likely outcomes.


Get an attorney there are programs that may be available to you that could keep this off your record.


You will be placed on probation. You qualify for 7411 which will keep this off your record if you finish probation without any violation. Very bad idea to bring drugs to a school or school zone. Get a lawyer!

This is general information and not legal advise. This communication does not create a lawyer-client relationship.


You should hire an attorney from Grand Rapids as soon as possible. You can get section 7411 treatment and no conviction will occur. No secretary of state issues. I have handled many of these and believe you will do well. Good luck.

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