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Got caught shoplifting at walmart, $170, no jail, but recieved a ticket from the police, & a court date. Do I need an attorney?

Las Vegas, NV |

I got caught two months earlier, at walmart for $100, no police. Have to go to court in mid October. How long will I have a petty larceny on my record? (no previous record at all....hard times, made me resort to stealing). Is there anything an attorney could help me with? Is there a way, to seal or get this off my record quicker?

I am 40 years old. Is there possible jail time? I am assuming walmart will give the judge a report, letting him/she know, I got caught two months earlier......correct?

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You may wish to seek the advice of an attorney who would be willing to represent you for the matter. Trying to negotiate or defend on your own is a recipe for disaster. I read dozens of posts that make that fact exceedingly clear. Coming to a lawyer too late after the case is mucked up is not advisable.