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Got approved for USDA loan and found a property to purchase. What options we have to get out of the lease

Pooler, GA |

The builder does not want to agree on contingency or incentives, saying that this is the last new house in the neighborhood, so if you want it, you get it at this price with no incentives/contingencies. We also have 6 months on the lease still left. Landlord agreed to terminate the lease if we find someone to immediately rent after us. We had about 10 families looking at the house and filling out applications, but as soon as they speak to the landlord, they mysteriously disappear. Clearly landlord is not interested or willing to help us out. Is there anything we can do to get out early, considering the fact, that lease agreement's date says November 2nd 2012 to November 1st 2012 (instead of 2013).?

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Attorney answers 1


You should make an appointment with an attorney and have him review the lease and find out if there is a way to terminate the lease.