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Got an intent to deny letter in the mail today from the uscis what should i do?

Concord, CA |

Had the stokes interview and it didn't go well that was some weeks back had a letter from the uscis today stating an "intent to deny" what do i do now ? and what does it mean in layman terms.

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1. Layman terms - it means they plan to deny your case.
2. Follow the instructions on the notice. You may want to HIRE an attorney in preparing a thorough response. If USCIS is not satisfied with the response and/or no response received, they will deny the case, and you will likely be referred to Immigration Court. There may be additional consequences from a denial (section 203c - Marriage Fraud if marriage-based case).

Good luck!

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Hire an attorney ASAP to reply to the NOID. Compile more and better evidence of the bona fides of the relationship.

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They intend to deny your application but they are giving you the opportunity to tell them why they shouldn't. This is your moment so seize it and go find yourself a good immigration attorney to respond to the NOID. It may be the last opportunity you have to prevent them from sending you before the judge to remove you.