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Got a traffic citation for driving with a susp out of state license and on probation for driving while susp. Will that violate?

Cape Coral, FL |

On probation in fl for driving while suspended. Have suspended Massachusetts license. Very worried about probation violation

Can pay ticket wo court appearance

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Yes you could face a violation of probation if Florida and Massachusetts have reciprocity regarding licenses.

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It will only violate if you were charged with DWLS with knowledge, which is a criminal offense. Call me at 407-617-1064 if you'd like a free consultation. Thanks


I agree, it will violate if the cited you for Now.ingly Driving While License Suspended or Revoked. I WOULD NOT just pay it, as it could be criminal and you not know it. If you plea to it it makes an easy VOP for the State. I offer a free consultation at my office here n Naples, (239) 732-6631. In the future I would not drive until you get your Mass. DL issues settled. If you are residing here, and they can prove it, you could also be charged with failure to license within 30 days, understandably why you can't obtain a Florida DL, but another charge you could potentially face in the future.