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Got a ticket for speeding in school zone but school was not in session that day.

Columbia, SC |

I was going 38 mph in a 40mph zone however it was a school zone. School was not in session that day however the officer gave me a ticket b/c you are suppose to go no mre than 25mph in a school zone regardless of school.

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Although I am not licensed to practice law in your State, most "school zone" signs apply to drivers regardless of whether school is in session.


School zone tickets are difficult as the court assumes that children will be present even when school is not in session.


In SC, this depends on the type of posting of the reduced speed limit. If it was a sign with a flashing signal which reads "speed limit reduced when flashing", then you would not be guilty unless the light was flashing. If it is a sign that says "school zone - speed limit 25", then that is always the speed limit within the area which is delineated as the school zone.

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