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Got a ticket for beeping at a unmarked police car. Guilty?

Baldwin, NY |

I was approaching a intersection intending to make a right turnand a unmarked police car was blocking the intersection with the cop inside the car, to prevent myself from being stuck in the intersection I briefly beeped at the car so I can get thought the intersection. I then got pulled over for unnecessary use of horn. Am I guilty or non guilty? I'm a 17 year old driver with a clean record( no parking tickets,accidents or past traffic violation)

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Sounds not guilty. Speak to your parents about bringing an attorney to court with you to speak on your behalf.

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I agree with the above answer, get your parents to hire an attorney to put up a fight on this citation in court.


You're not anything until there's a final decision on the case. You did two things wrong here. First, you entered the intersection without absolute certainty you could make it to the other side. That is the driver's responsibility, not the vehicle in front of him (assuming the vehicle in front hasn't just stopped for no reason in the middle of the intersection). Second, you honked your horn at an officer. That's never going to help a situation. You can fight it like anything else. Carries no points fyi.



Honking your horn at a officer is an offense?

Scott E. Feifer

Scott E. Feifer


Not officially...


Certainly sounds like you can beat this.


It does not sound unnecessary to me. The state will have a hard time proving the charges. You need to fight this ticket as it carries points.

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