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Got a speeding ticket in NY, 22 MPH over the speed limit, how to reduce points?

Wellesley Island, NY |

I received a speeding ticket in NY going 62 MPH in a 40 MPH zone. I understand that points will probably be added to this offense, but I don't want that. I'm willing to pay the fine, but I really don't want the points added out of fear that this will make my insurance go up. Please provide the best course of action to achieve this - thanks in advance.

also, I read about "plea of abeyance" on the Internet. is this option applicable for my situation? If so, how do I go about asking for this?

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There is no "plea of abeyance" in New York.

You (or your attorney) should plead not guilty and appear for a conference. You should likely be able to get it reduced to a lesser charge.

A 62/40 is 6 points and carries about a $180 fine plus a $300 assessment fee. By pleaing it down, you will save points and the $300 assessment fee.

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