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Got a speeding ticket in May 2008 and just got another one in November 2009. Can I plead no contest to get rid of the points?

Jacksonville, FL |

Need some help because I don't understand how the "pleading no contest" in court works.

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In many states a plea of “no contest” or “guilty with explanation” will do you no good as far as keeping points off your driving record.

You are better off phoning a FL attorney familiar with the traffic court where the citation is pending to get advise about how to avoid the worst.

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You don't explain the current status of your May, 2008 ticket very clearly. You imply that it is still outstanding.

Generally, you need to either challenge these tickets, or whatever ticket is still to be disposed of, in an effort to have them dropped. Alternatively, an attorney can likely get adjudication withheld where you would still pay the fines but be spared points on your license. You can also choose to fight one and take traffic school for one and avoid points that way.

Pleading "no contest" is fundamentally the functional equivalent to pleading guilty, unless an accident with damages or injury is involved. If you plead no contest, or guilty, you will be fined and the points will apply to your license.

Contact a traffic defense attorney. They would need to see the citations and your driving record to accurately tell you the best course of action. Good luck.


It sound like you took care of the May 2008 ticket, so I will base my answer on that. An attorney can sometimes get you a better "deal" than you could. Also an attorney will try to find favorable facts and law for your ticket. I'm really trying to emphasize that every case is a little different: how fast, what time of day, how much traffic, is the county after a lot of money from speeders, the judge's position, the state attorney's position (if he/she gets involved). A friend of mine (not an attorney) had a valid defense, but basically the judge laughed out him out of court, when he tried to represent himself--which is legal, but not advisable. The 3 ways you get no points is: adjudication witheld or traffic school, or you win at trial. Click on our links it does not cost a thing. Try Mr. Mosca out, he always on here helping people and he definitely knows what he is doing. He did not ask me to say that and I've never met him. I just see him on here all the time working and helping. Thank you.


If you plead no contest to a traffic ticket the traffic court magistrate has the authority to withhold adjudication on the charges cited in your ticket. If adjudication is withheld the Department of Motor Vehicles will not assess points against your license; however, just because you enter a no contest plea does not mean that the magistrate will withhold adjudciation. Magistrates typically consider driving history and the circumstances leading to the citation before they will agree to withhold adjudication. Many people represent themselves in traffic court, but I would recommend that you speak with an attorney about the details of the citation and your driving history before you make a decision on what to do with your ticket. If I may be of any further assistance please contact me.

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