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Got a running red light ticket on a company car. Company got ticket. Will anyone get points deducted for this if I just pay it?

Los Angeles, CA |

Got a ticket for running a red light in Beverly Hills late at night without traffic. I didn't notice the light and just drove on by but at a low speed. The ticket was sent to my office and the car is registered to the company. I am uncertain if I will get points taken off if I send a payment in.

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Oh that's fun. I'm not sure what would happen then. Although I do not know the results, I would imagine there would be safeguards in place to keep company cars from acting as passes in situations just like yours. Sorry I cannot be of greater help

A proper response would require a thorough investigation into the history and background of this relationship. The information provided above is just that, information, to be used as you see fit.


Ask and pay Andrew Roberts, Esquire, for the answer on this. He posts here on Avvo frequently. He will know.


I agree that Mr. Roberts is one of the best on this. I've also had success with these tickets. Mostly because I have a lot of friends who get these tickets in West Hollywood, and West Hollywood has HORRIBLE cameras. I mean they close ups of the driver's face don't even look like photographs they're so bad. It's possible that an attorney could get this dismissed without your name ever being attached to it and that no one would have to pay the fine. Not sure how anyone could get a point with no DL#. Additionally, if you're eligible for traffic school, you can avoid the point that way. So it's up to you. You should be able to avoid a point one of the ways I described, but hiring an attorney could actually be the cheapest route.


Nicholas M. Loncar, Esq.