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Got a DWI in 1998, didn't take care of it until 2012. Have gotten several DWLR between 98-12. How long before I can get license

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reinstated? I have taken care of everything. I had several failure to appears on the DWLR but I have gotten all of it cleared up and I have nothing pending. The DWI was taken care of in Sept. 2012. How can I get a driver's license again?

Yes, the DWI was remanded back to district court. I had served 24 hrs. in 1998 and they credited me with that. I had a court appointed lawyer.

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Depends. I assume by "taken care of" that you mean you were either convicted or plead guilty to the 1998 DWI charge. If so, your license is revoked for a year. However, depending on the facts of your case, you may already be eligible for a limited driving privilege. If you had the assistance of an attorney, go back to that person and find out. If not, consult with a DWI attorney to find out if you are eligible. Good luck to you.

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As the other attorney has already indicated it really depends. The absolute best place to get your answer is to call DMV Monday morning. So long as you have complied with all monies paid in ALL of your cases, completed your jail or community service for the DWI, taken care of all the FTAs, finished the Assessment and the recommendations for the DWI, DMV should go ahead and give you a date you will be eligible for having a hearing to get your license restored. If there is something you still need to do, DMV will be sure to let you know. Best of luck and congrats for getting everything cleared up. You are better shape than most folks!

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