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Got a DUI in New Jersey about 25 years ago and did the classes in Pennsylvania to satisfy New Jersey. Recently got a DUI in

Pennsburg, PA |

Allentown. Would this prohibit me from getting ARD? Nothing shows on my criminal report or on the National Driver Register. I am concerned that this class will show up and prohibit me from getting ARD

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You are satisfying a 10 year look back period. Please remember, though, that ARD is withing total discretion of the DA. THey don't have to offer it


There is a good chance that the prior DUI will show up when the DA runs your background check. My understanding is that the DA has access to the FBI database which should have your entire criminal history. It is still worth a shot to apply for ARD, although, I would not be surprised if you are denied.

Feel free to contact my office if you wish to further discuss this matter during a free, no-obligation consultation. You owe it to yourself to contact an attorney regarding the charges you are facing in Lehigh County.

Thanks for your question and best of luck!

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Due to the fact that it was so long ago and in NJ a first DUI is a moving violation, not a misdemeanor, I believe that you have a reasonable chance. However, it is within the DA's discretion to reject you from ARD.

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Contact a defense attorney in Allentown who is familiar with the DAs in lehigh county. Someone like that will be able to answer the question from a stand point of experience in that county.


I would have to know all the details before giving a more solid answer but I represent a lot of defendants in Lehigh County and I believe that with the right lawyer you can get ARD. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss the specifics of your case. My number is 215-256-0205.