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Got a Dui in another state awhile ago and haven't paid the fines and now I need to fix it so where do I start?

Henderson, NV |

I know I have messed up big time but now I really need help because I need to correct this and move on with my life. I got a DUI in Oklahoma when I was in the military at the end of 2010. I received a deferred sentence to the end of 2012. The terms were I was suppose to pay 2 separate fines of about $1500 each and take AA classes, plus an impact panel. I have since only completed the AA classes portion of that term, which I know is a huge mistake because it is now 2013 well past the deferred sentencing date. I have since left the military to live in Nevada where i'm from. This is my first ever time being in trouble I blew a .018 and was stopped before a DUI checkpoint. My question is where do I start in correcting this and how much trouble am I facing which I'm sure is a lot?

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The best solution is to finish completing all the conditions. However, you need to hire a lawyer to quash the warrant and show proof that you stayed out of trouble and complied with the conditions which should be enough to close out the case.

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Thanks a lot I will get right on that then. You've been very helpful.


Get an Oklahoma attorney--quickly.

In most places this could be cleaned up, terms are also likely to be better if it's you going in, rather than them coming after you.


There are several companies including New Beginnings Counseling, StopDUI and LRS Systems that host live VIP sessions. Budget to spend one evening and $50-70. I suggest that you go take one ASAP so that you get the certificate.

Clark County, Nevada practitioner.