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Good tenant forced out by retaliatory constructive eviction in single dwelling by 300% rent increase. No OMI or 15 Just Causes.

San Francisco, CA |

I'm recent legal immigrant, of middle age, in good standing. I received unwarranted, uncalled for “constructive and retaliatory eviction” & threads in 2010-11 here in SF argued on Costa Hawkins law (Cottage). No OMI, none of the 15 just causes apply or where executed. Dwelling was rented out again. A lawyer on contingency basis I had hoped to represent me, turned out to be a “ambulance chaser”, solely focusing on a in-house fall I had. When the landlord’s insurance refused to proceed since the landlord resides abroad in Switzerland. Lawyer walked away dropped my case like “hot potato” citing the Hague convention protocol re serving papers, he no longer willing to work unless I pay substantial ~$ 20K or so to continue. I’m left without legal representation and funds and need Dec. 11 to go to court to “show cause” in case management but I have no idea what it is and what I have to do to get justice.

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You should probably start by using the find a lawyer link to look for a landlord tenant attorney in the San Fran area.
Because most of San Fran is rent control you could also contact the local rent control board and ask them for help or a referral.
For information on your rights as a tenant and for various laws and processes you should follow, go to the Dpt of Consumer Affairs Website handbook:

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