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Going to court for immigration can I l be deported at that time?

Clanton, AL |
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You haven't given enough information for proper guidance. If your fiance is a U.S. citizen, then you may be given some time to complete the processing of the visa petition. And depending on how you entered, you may be given time to complete the processing of the I-601A provisional unlawful presence waiver or file your adjustment of status application. Your first inquiry tomorrow morning should be to an immigration lawyer who practices in this area of the law.


You are going to appear at a Master Calendar hearing. Nothing much happens there: the judge will want to get acquainted with ICE's Removal case against you and will set dates for the trial and deadlines for your attorney t submit any relief petitions on your behalf. Ask the judge to give you a new court date, for you to find an attorney to represent you at the next hearing. Do not proceed alone, unrepresented, even if you are soon to marry a US citizen.

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