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Going to J-1 non-immigrant visa interview without court documents

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During a visit on a j-1 program 9 months ago, I was falsely accused by a coworker (who acted on bad faith) of sexual assault. I was investigated and the charges were dropped after about 2 weeks. I was not arrested. Now I want to visit the US again and on the DS-160 I read I should answer "no" if I have ever been arrested, however I've also read that I should bring certified copies of the disposition. I called every single office court I could find and none had any record on me since I was not arrested and the charges were dismissed. On one of them I could get the case number, and I was told to use mail to get copies of the report, which would take about 4 months. My interview is in a few days. If I go to the visa interview without these documents will it hurt my chances? What should I do?

When I was under investigation, I was never fingerprinted, I was not moved to the police station and I never went to court. Because of the evidence supporting me,I was released the first day, just after the questioning, and I got notified that the charges were dismissed like 2 weeks later.

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If asked, Tell the officer what you stated in your inquiry. Should the officer want the record you will be given time to produce it. It sounds like you will be fine. Good luck.


If you were not arrested, answer 'no' and if asked, answer truthfully that you have never been arrested but were investigated. If you call the police department which investigated you, you may be able to get a police report. But no, the questions regards arrests, not complaints.

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