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Going through a divorce....husband won't let me see our do I get him back? Please help!

Springfield, MO |

I live in Greene County, MO (this is where we were married). Husband lives in Stone County, MO. We have an 18-month-old son together. He has our son with him & will not allow me to see him. If I ask how he's doing, all I get is "Fine." My husband is disabled - cannot work, drive, care for a child. He's in day care. He complains about the cost of day care while I'm able to watch him just fine & could qualify for state-paid day care. He will not let me see our son. He plans to divorce me...what do I do? I do have an attorney but not sure what he can do....No one will help me get my son back.....I am his mother and it is breaking my heart to be away from him....hubby's parents are helping him....I am getting crapped on because I don't have money like they do. Please help....thank you

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The devil is in the details. Why/How did your husband wind up with your son? That is a pretty important piece of information that was left out of the question. Assuming that you are not hiding anything and are a competent parent, the courts will likely require a parenting investigation to investigate both of you and report back to the court who is the best option for the child. If you are represented, then you need to trust your attorney to do what he/she is being paid to do and let the process work.

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