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Go to Jamaica with an arrest for a crime of moral turpitude but not a conviction?

Cumming, GA |

I got arrested several months ago for a crime of moral turpitude. Since then I haven't heard a peep out of anyone. The case is still active but no one's called me, there's been no trial, no plea, no conversations, nothing. Will I have any issues going to Jamaica or coming back to the US from Jamaica? Innocent until proven guilty, right? I was arrested but I've not been proven guilty of anything. Will I even have to have that conversation with any border people? My "record" is clear of any convictions for anything.

What say you?

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Attorney answers 3


You should ask your lawyer.


Assuming you are an American citizen (vs. an immigrant), you probably won't have any issues, unless you have a bail or bond and are restricted re: where you can go in the interim.


You should check the conditions of your bond and make sure there are not restrictions for leaving the country. As for the effect this arrest will have on your passport or ability to travel (regardless of the conditions of your bond) you should probably check with an immigration attorney.