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Giving notice to vacate commercial premises at end of lease term.

Seattle, WA |

I'm moving my business to a new location, and, as per my contract, I'm giving 30 days written notice. My lease specifically states that if I'd like to EXTEND my lease on a month to month basis, I have to give no more than 120 and no less than 60 days notice to do so. My property manager is claiming that I have to give 60 days notice to vacate at the end of my current lease term. I find no evidence of this in my lease, nor on any WA state tenancy laws. Is it legal for her to require me to pay an additional month of rent even though my lease term has ended and notice was given?

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To responsibly answer this question, an attorney would have to look at your entire lease and see what terms it includes. Sounds as though the clause addressing month to month extensions does not apply. The RLTA rules do not apply to commercial tenancies, this is purely what is in your contract. That said, you are under no obligation to take legal advice from your property manager.

Hope this helps. Elizabeth Powell