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Getting marryed to a woman over seas,Protecting ones self for lady leaving after 10 year green card is given!

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I have been reading some of the storys being told by some men and there thai-wifes.I have a question,I am marrying a thai-lady in about 3 months,And i think the lawyers on this site are the best!! With that said.It seems like all the laws are protecting the woman coming here,What is protecting the sponser or the man bringing them here,If they can get a green card without our help then why have the 2 year green card at all? I read a email on a chat site a woman from a over seas country stayed with her husband 6 years but had every intention on leaving him after her ducks were all a lined her words,So it is possable for her to wait a long time even over 2 years,Should i have a prenump signed to protect me? Seems like there should be something to do to protect ourselfs it does happen.thanks!

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You can protect your assets with a pre nup. However, you do sign an Affidavit of Support and if your spouse becomes a public charge and obtains means tested benefits, the government has the right to go after you.

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What are you trying to protect yourself from? If it is your assets you are trying to protect, you should speak with a family law attorney that deals with prenuptial agreements or an estate planner. I don't see what you need to protect regarding immigration in this situation. Good Luck.


I agree with prior response. If you have assets which you are trying to protect, you should consult with a matrimonial attorney about drafting a prenuptial agreement where everything will be spelled.

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