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Getting married with a green card holder

Rowland Heights, CA |

i m an international student . i ll get married with a green card holder . can i fill out form I-765 to go to work after getting married.
thank you for ur answers

so after 9 months can i stop going to school ???? i dont need f1visa anymore right thank you for your answers

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No. The waiting time in the 2A category (spouses of green card holders) is 6 months. Stay in student status, and when your "priority date" is reached next year, you can apply for adjustment of status, and receive an EAD work permit in about 90 days.

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More information is needed. Some facts may not be known until it is too late. You should consider all of your options by making an appointment with an experienced immigration attorney. At times, priority dates retrogress or go backwards. In addition, some forget that if they have immigrant intent for the purposes of the visit, then they can no longer use a non-immigrant F1 student visa to lawfully enter the U.S.

At times, some fall out of student status and may not realize that they are disqualified to adjust status. Knowing what can be lawfully undertaken to maintain status is important. That is why most of us, including Mr. Shusterman recommend an appointment or teleconference with an experienced immigration attorney. Find out what is going on so that you can choose the best option for the two of you. It can take time to learn the facts, so that an attorney can provide dependable legal advice.

You may choose to hold off on action or go forward, but you need to know how filing an I-130 can affect your rights. Also, you should know what can happen. How long has your fiance been a lawful permanent resident? Can she qualify to become a U.S. Citizen by naturalization in the near future? Perhaps, this should be considered, but you will need to know how, when or whether to file for adjustment of status in the U.S. or consider consular processing. In some situations, filing for adjustment even after the priority date is current can create challenges.

The above is general information and does not create an attorney client relationship.


I would just like to add that you need to be careful about not jeopardizing your nonimmigrant student status (keep fulfilling all the requirements of your student visa) in case something goes wrong with your adjustment application.