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Getting married when in the US on a student Visa

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My boyfriend is here on a student visa for a year. He is from Bahrain. Can we get married and what is the process for that! Also he is in school in Kansas and I live in Texas. He will be finished with flight school before his visa is up so can he come to Texas or will there be a problem with it? We met when he was here for a year in 2008 - 2009 attending school.

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Yes and congratulations. You will definitely need an attorney to handle the paperwork for you. Give me a call for a free case evaluation and affordable estimate of the price.
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Yes you can get married and file for adjustment of status. I will recommend hiring a lawyer on your case especially because he is from Hahrain and is in flight school.

Good Luck
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I mean Bahrain not Hahrain...


He will be eligible to obtain his green card. You can go ahead and get married. I would also concur that you should retain an immigration lawyer to assist with the process, since USCIS might scrutinize his application a bit more given his place of origin.

Best of luck,

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