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Getting married to the same person twice....

Nolanville, TX |

ok here is my situation, me and my husband got married in texas at a court house, we did not tell our families about our marriage because they want a big wedding for the whole family to be there and if we told them they would get so upset. so can we get married again with the wedding in a church with out anyone finding out that we are already married? getting married in the court house was not the ideal of our dream wedding but my husband is in the army and he wanted me to be covered with medical and everything... we do love each other and we want to be married to one another but we also what a wedding for our families.. please help

the thing is (and i am sorry i left this out i thought i put it in there) but the church wedding is not in texas we want the wedding to be in our home state which is west virginia, both of our families live there , we have no one in texas and we do not want to make over 200 people fly or drive here when there is no need for that.... would it still be possible to get married again in another state without anyone finding out?????

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That shouldn't be a problem. You had a civil ceremony and now you want a religious one.


Texas is a really cool state in this regard. Fom what I have read they allow you to base a marriage license on an existing marriage license. What this means to me is that they will issue a second license even if you already have one.

To find out for sure contact the register of deeds in you county. They may send you somewhere else but it is a good place to start.

See the following site:
"Renewal of Vows or Secret Marriage Remarriage:
According to the Texas state laws, a county clerk must issue a marriage license to a couple who is already married to each other. "


You might consider telling the minister or priest officiating at the ceremony that you are already married in Texas. He or she can still perform the big ceremony but would not have to file any paperwork in VA.

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