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Getting married in Georgia, I'm 19 and she's 17. Parental consent needed but only her mother can do so, long-distance, options?

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My fiance and I will be getting married soon, and under our financial circumstances I can only afford to have her and her mother brought here. We've been dating long-distance for two years and often meet and spend much time together, however when it comes to applying for a marriage license the law is unclear on what I should do in this situation. Is her biological father or stepfather required to be present alongside her mother in giving their consent for the marriage or is there some other way? We've considered the pregnancy route to avoid this trouble, but it is not certain, and it would be incredibly inconvenient to postpone the wedding until she turns 18. I am at an absolute loss as to what to do, I've no idea of what documents she'll need to bring from across the country, help!

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Go down to the local probate court and speak to the person in charge of marriage licenses. They can give you the forms and let you know what the requirements are. You could even call the probate court in your county, and some have information online.

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"We've considered the pregnancy route to avoid this trouble"

You've been getting some bad legal advice if you think getting her pregnant eliminates the need for parental consent to get married.

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