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Getting licensing form use of other companies products to use in my product.

Cedar Rapids, IA |

I designed a product but is uses two other products as a part of it (think a shock on a car.) What do i need to do to get permission to use these pieces in my production?

How do i ascertain whether a license is needed? One of the peices used has patents on it the other, I cannot find any patent info on.

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This is not just a matter of finding a form and sending it to the owners of the companies whose products you use. Matters like this are complex and cannot be handled without the involvement of intellectual property/licensing counsel. Before going further, you also need to ascertain whether, in fact, a license is necessary----depending on what products you use and how you use them a license might not be necessary. If a license is necessary, then you need assistance in ascertaining the fee or royalty rate that you should be paying. Further, and most importantly, before you do anything else, you need counsel to performance a clearance analysis to ascertain whether you are free to produce your product without violating intellectual property rights of others. There are no short cuts here---anyone who wants to produce and market a product such as this must work closely with intellectual property counsel----you cannot simply fill out a standard form and expect this to work for you.

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