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Getting in contract with small company involves some asian companies too

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my company is doing mutual contract basically siging terms (manufacturing pharmaceutical products) with one usa company in conjuction with 1 asian company. what kind of legal matters do i have to look for? please advice.

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The legal matters here are many!

First, what is your tax structure? Allocating revenues and expenses across multiple tax jurisdictions in a contractual manufacturing collaboration can reduce your taxes significantly. This is one issue where hiring international tax help will pay for itself immediately.

What does the agreement look like? If you shared the agreement with international lawyers, they would likely be able to pick out many strengths and weaknesses of the arrangement and set up the contract in a way that reduces risk.

Have you complied with Federal regulations? Pharmaceutical products are often regulated.

I could continue, but I think you need some detailed consultations. It is best to give more details offline to get a valuable response to your question.

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Your description does not provide in what capacity (e.g., buyer, seller, partner) these companies are entering contracts, and what is the subject of these contracts. I suggest you retain an attorney and discuss this matter in details in the privacy of your attorney's office.


Oh, just a few matters ...... Are you kidding? If you enter into any business arrangement with foreign companies without legal counsel having expertise in international business, you are going to get your clock cleaned for certain, you may run afoul of state or federal law and might find the IRS at your door one morning.

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When it comes to international negotiations and international contracts signing it is wise to work with an international law firm. The issues are many, from international banking, money laundering, methods of payment, only to name a few. You are only scratching the surface. My recommendation is to hire an international firm. Best

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Having handled international transactions and contracts for 30 years, the number of issues will often depend on the experience of the parties, the experience in the industry, the availability of insurance, understanding of international dispute resolution and other issues.

Many Avvo attorneys will give free phone and/or office consultations.

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You need to be very very careful . Many fraud schemes came from Asia and many fraud Alert. They even try to scam lawyers. You really need to check a lot of things before you start any business. As a California Attorney and one of the very few that are Fraud Examiners ( CFE member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners) I can help you with this problem. and

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