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Getting first time DUI dropped to neg1 or wreckless with public defender?

Bellevue, WA |

I was stopped, blew priors and in a real estate business. I work with sheriffs process evictions etc. Hired and fired an attorney as he wasn't helping much. I need to know if public defenders are good about getting DUI reduced as opposed to private counsel. Also need to know if having a IID in my car is required here as I can't see real estate as a career option if that's the case. Please advise.

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I agree with the previous attorney answers and would add that the difference between public defenders and private counsel isn't necessarily about the quality of the attorney as much as it is about the time and resources the attorney has to dedicate to your case. Public defenders are typically excellent attorneys. However, they usually carry heavy caseloads. With private counsel you are paying for an attorney to have more time to spend on your case, to investigate, to do officer or witness interviews and public disclosure requests that may be helpful earlier, etc. You are also paying for someone to walk you through the process, an attorney you can call and ask questions of who should have more time to call you back, and so forth. In a case with a .14 BAC, most prosecutors will be unlikely to offer a reduction without a significant evidentiary issue. Maybe if that evidentiary defenct you need to get a reduction exists it is going to be clearly evident from a review of the DUI arrest report and Datamaster database. But maybe more investigation will be needed to uncover issues.

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yes they are good.

Kathryn Mary Holton

Kathryn Mary Holton


As good as private lawyers, since its not about the lawyer its about the strength and weakness in your case.


Not everyone who wants a public defender gets a public defender. The person has to be below the income threshold set by the specific court.

If you are working "in a real estate business", you might not be low income. On another hand, the low income threshold for the Seattle area may be a good income in many other areas of the US.

You can find out whether you qualify for a public defender to be appointed for you by applying for one at the court where your case is being heard.


The court would have you fill out a financial affidavit explaining your income and expenses and assets. If you are eligible for the appointment of an attorney then the Judge will allow it. If not you will have to represent yourself or hire an attorney. With a .14 BAC level the State will not offer you a deal unless there is some problem with the case. So you will have to have an attorney read it over and see if there are any good arguments to try. These are called motion hearings, to argue a certain issue in the case. Good Luck.

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